All pieces are treated with Alchemy jewelry spray. Please refer to the below link for addition information.


Please note that the metals used are silver/gold filled or plated. Vermeil is sterling silver that has been gold plated, which is much more durable than thin gold plating. For additional cost, a piece can be upgraded to sterling silver.  Caring for plated (a thin layer of silver or gold is applied over a different kind of metal) jewelry is as follows:  Do not spray perfume, or other sprays on the piece, wait until lotion or cream is dry or has been absorbed before placing the piece on your skin. Substances such as, oil, nail polish, nail polish remover, chlorine may react to the plated piece and will cause it to tarnish. It is best to remove the piece of jewelry when exercising as sweat can also react with metal.  After every use, it is recommended to clean the piece with a cotton ball or very soft cloth to remove any dust or dirt.  Gently rubbing the surface with a soft jewelry cloth can help to restore shine. To clean a plated piece, place in warm soapy water for a few minutes and clean with a soft brush. Do not use jewelry cleaners or antibacterial soaps as they will tarnish the piece more quickly. Avoid all detergents and cleaning agents. To avoid scratching, wrap your plated piece in a soft cloth or store in a jewelry box away from other types of jewelry you have.

Gold filled (average life span is 5-30 years) jewelry is made by fusing a layer of gold on a base metal, often on silver or brass, sometimes an alloy to create a permanent bond. Silver filled jewelry, a layer of durable sterling silver is bonded to (filled with) a copper alloy or brass alloy center. Do not wear your filled jewelry in a pool or to bed. Store your pieced separately. For silver or gold filled  jewelry, care is as follows:  Wipe jewelry with a clean, soft cloth after use.  Polishing cloths for jewelry are nonabrasive and inexpensive. To wash the piece, use an old SOFT toothbrush and a mild dish washing liquid. A note of caution, if your piece has gemstones or other settings, make sure any  solution you are using will not damage the stones.

Base metal is a catch-all term in the jewelry industry for metals used in costume jewelry. In metal working, base metal is any metal that is not one of the noble or precious metals. In costume jewelry, base metals are often plated with a very thin layer of gold, silver, nickel, rhodium or other metal on the surface of the bead or other component.

FAQ information about Alchemy  (this information was taken directly from

Q: What the heck IS Alchemy anyways?

A: Alchemy is comprised of water and a proprietary polymer. The polymer is what adheres to your jewelry and protects it from tarnishing. It also creates a barrier that keeps your skin from coming in to contact with the metal thus keeping your skin from being irritated if you are sensitive or if your skin turns colors from jewelry.

Q: How often do I spray it?

A: Once a month is recommended for pieces that you were a lot. Just hold the bottle about 6-8 inches away from the jewelry and give it a nice coating. If you sweat a lot or wash your hands a lot (and don't take your jewelry off), you might want to spray again after 2 weeks. It's also a good idea to treat several pieces at once because the Alchemy's spray pattern is generous and this way you don't waste product. Put down a paper towel, fill it with jewels and spray away!

Q: Is there a smell?

A: Nope. When Alchemy dries, you can't see it, feel it or smell it.

Q: Does it really work?

A: Duh it works!

Q: What can I spray Alchemy on?

A: Lots of stuff! I get a lot of customer feedback about earrings. You don't have to be sensitive to metal for earrings to make you itch, or cause knots or get scabby. I have customers who haven't been able to wear earrings in years and this has opened up the door for them! So spray it on earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, eyeglasses, buttons on clothes, belt buckles, etc. Just don't use Alchemy on any piercings that touch a mucus membrane (i.e. no lip or nose rings).

Q: Can I spray Alchemy on my real jewelry and gemstones?

A: Yes. Alchemy dries clear and will not disrupt the integrity of your jewelry. It is recommended for costume (cheap jewelry as well as sterling silver) and fine jewelry. In fact, customers have reported that if they spray Alchemy on their fine jewelry after it has been cleaned, they don't have to clean it as much. 

Q: Can I swim with my jewelry on if I use Alchemy?

A: Ok folks. Jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off everyday. You should avoid showering, swimming, cleaning, etc while wearing your jewelry. Beauty products (body wash, soap, perfume, lotion), chlorine, and cleaning products can compromise your jewelry. Alchemy helps protect your jewelry but it is water based to be sensitive on your skin. Perfume, soaps, cleaning products can break down the formula faster where you have to apply more often. 


If you would like PINK MOON STUDIOS to spray your purchase with Alchemy Spray one month after the sale date, and monthly after that please mail the piece or pieces to me and I will be happy to do so.  The shipping to and from is the responsibility of the customer.

If you are local, and do not wish to spend the money for shipping cost, please contact me via the contact link and I will be happy to make arrangements with you to reapply the spray.

For longevity of the pieces made with the stretch cord, please do the following:  roll the bracelet on your wrist instead of pulling the cord wide to place on your wrist, remove the piece prior to showering, bathing, swimming, sleeping or working out, do not apply lotions or skin care products directly on the piece, once lotion or skin care products are applied, let them completely dry before placing the jewelry on your wrist.  Please contact me if there are problems with any piece of jewelry that you purchase here.